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The Rom-Com and Chicago

In this online course, discover 5 romantic comedy traits that no one talks about

Course Description

Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. The meet-cute. The happy ending.

You've experienced these situations in hundreds of romantic comedies, including those set in Chicago: 


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

While You Were Sleeping

High Fidelity

Never Been Kissed


But what about the genre's use of music, senior advisors, and its hints of pain and revenge?


These rarely discussed traits of the rom-com—and a few others—are the subject of this 4-session, fully online course, offered exclusively through Chicago Movie Tours.


Feb. 20, 27, Mar 6, 13 


4:00 PM (CT)


Approx. 25 spots


Zoom and Spaces

Course Description


What You'll Learn

  • General features and history of the romantic comedy

  • 5 oft-ignored traits of the genre and why they exist

  • Classic and contemporary examples of the genre

  • The city's functions within Chicago-based rom-coms

What You'll Get

  • Live, interactive classes

  • Real-time participation options 

  • Downloadable guides

  • Small class size

  • Replay of live classes

  • Mobile/table compatible 

  • Shareable completion certificate


...and quite a bit more!

Why Enroll

  • Join other learners with common interests

  • Get university-level instruction (without grades!) 

  • Enhance your media literacy

  • Interact in real time with real people

  • Share a unique experience (no one else offers this course!)

What You'll Learn
Meet Kelli

Meet Kelli

Hi, I'm Kelli. I'm the founder of Chicago Movie Tours and the instructor for this course.


I’ve been creating and teaching courses like The Rom-Com and Chicago for more than 15 years. I did so first, as a film professor and now, as a public speaker and tour guide. 


One of my favorite subjects to teach is comedy, and aside from shock humor, I enjoy most comedy types, including:

  • Stand-up

  • Satire and sketch

  • Silent-era comedy

  • Animal comedy

  • Late-night comedy

  • Sitcoms

  • Mockumentary

  • Screwball comedy

  • Romantic comedy

In fact, much of my former research centers on American comedy.


What's your favorite comedy category? 

I'm eager to hear your answer as we delve together into the Romantic Comedy, a mainstay in Hollywood's comedy arsenal since the 1930s.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


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Online Program Reviews


"That talk was so well executed — what a great lecture. You are clearly an excellent educator! Your use of visuals and timing was impeccable. Brava!"

KATIE, Zoom guest


"I'm always impressed at the amount of research you do to make these presentations possible."

JANE, Zoom guest


"The content was well connected and contextualized at just the right depth. Kelli is extremely organized, knowledgeable, and paces talks beautifully."


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What's Included 

  • 4 live sessions (approx. 45 min. each)

  • Real-time participation options (via clips, quizzes, polls, Q&A)

  • Downloadable worksheets and guides

  • Replay of live sessions in case you miss one

  • Private course platform for discussion

  • Small class size for optimal interaction

  • Clickable course calendar and schedule

  • Accessible instructor 

  • Optional assignments to enhance your grasp of material

  • Mobile/tablet compatibility

  • Free mobile app to access course content

  • Community badges to showcase progress

  • Shareable completion certificate

  • Discount off your next course!​

NOTE: This course needs at least 10 students to run. In the event we must cancel because of low enrollment, we will notify you via email and then refund you in full.

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