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Will you enjoy a Chicago movie tour or talk? Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.


B for Bee

Sept 26, 2021 via Google

“My family and I went on the tour at the Old Joliet Prison with Chicago Movie Tours. That was probably the best tour I have ever been on! Thank you for an amazing day!”

AMBER B, Chicagoland

Dog's Portrait

"Highly recommend the prison tour — loved everything about this experience. Our tour guide was really insightful and amazing overall."

JESSICA, Chicago

Urban Guy

"Thoroughly enjoyed the tour and particularly the film history of Old Joliet Prison. I'd recommend it and thinking of going back for other events."


Kids with Backpacks

"Chicago and Movies in Prison was a really interesting tour. I took my kids, ages 10 and 13, and they loved it as well. The stories, fun facts, and novelty of the location kept their attention for the full two hours."

JENNIFER, Chicago suburbs


June 10, 2021 via Trip Advisor

"Very interesting tour of Joliet prison. I had no idea how big the area was and how old. The tour guides made it very interesting. The movie connection was cool."

MARY D, Orland Park, IL

Autumn Girl

What a special visit! Great presentation! Hosts were excellent—knowledgeable and informative! I hope they are able to rehab the vandalized buildings for historical purposes and future tours."


Cube Pig

"Take this tour, [Chicago and Movies in Prison]. It's an utterly unique experience in our own backyard, at once fascinating, scary, and sobering."


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September 2021 via Facebook

Having just finished my first "live" tour with Kelli, I can heartily recommend her as a guide! I'm looking forward to the next one!

Sarah, Chicago.


"Had a fun experience on our tour. It was fascinating to see a part of the theater/film business that the audience doesn’t necessarily think about. Really enjoyed learning about what goes into creating settings and characters."



"[Chicago, Movies, and Props] was just as good or better than the prop house we toured in LA, and we learned new things about movie sets and terminology. Lots of great stories from both Kelli and the daughter of the business owner. The group size and the length of the tour were both great too. I've had several friends who are interested in doing the next tour just from seeing my pictures."



"Kelli was super knowledgeable and the tour was great! [The prop house is a] really interesting gem in the city!"

ANNETTE, Chicago

Pink Purse

"Kelli's tour of Zap's Props was such a treat! I was in town from Philly and a friend recommended the experience. Kelli provided some educational background before leading our group around the prop shop. It's a totally unique collection and it was a blast having Kelli's expertise as she pointed out props that have been featured in major films. Would absolutely recommend, especially to any film geeks out there!

FAITH, Philadelphia



Black Dog

May 2021 via Facebook

"You've allowed me to tour Chicago while safely at home during a pandemic. Thanks!"

NANCY, Chicago

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December 2020 via Zoom

"That talk was so well executed - what a great lecture. You are clearly an excellent educator! Your use of visuals and timing was impeccable. Brava!"

KATIE, Zoom guest

Old Fashioned Film Camera 2

December 2020 via Facebook

"Very insightful info. Very professional Host. She knows her stuff."

CHAS, owner, Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles

Green Apple

June 2020 via Yelp

"I've watched several of Kelli's virtual tours on YouTube and greatly enjoyed them. I'm a native Chicagoan, now living on the West Coast, and I love classic movies, so it's fun to find out new facts about the hometown or suburban locations appearing in popular films."


Tote Bag

March 2020 via Zoom

“Learned a lot. You are so organized and show interesting examples.”

KAY, Zoom guest


Fall 2020 via Instagram

"The content was well connected and contextualized at just the right depth. Kelli is extremely organized, knowledgeable, and paced the talk beautifully."


Pile of Books

January 2021 via Zoom

"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful webinar presentation.  I learned so much about The Blues Brothers and about filmmaking."

DEBORAH LULLO, Adult Services, White Oak Library District

Purple Cat

December 2020 via Facebook

“Thank you so much, I love these mini tours. I am unable to walk any distance anymore, so this opens my world back up.”

AIMEE, Facebook Live guest

Geometric Racoon

December 2020 via YouTube

"Some of the most professionally prepared and informative virtual tours I have ever seen. Great presentation format of recapping the 'what's been learned' as a takeaway."

ROBERT, YouTube subscriber

Abstract Man

June 2020 via YouTube

"Bravo! Who would have thought one could come across something so interesting yet educational when going down the vast rabbit hole called you tube. Perfect for these stay-at-home times." 



January 2020 via Zoom

"I'm always impressed at the amount of research you do to make these presentations possible."

JANE, Zoom guest

Image by Brett Jordan

January 2020 via Facebook

"We LOVE Chicago! Wish we could be there in person again right now, but this is the next best thing!"

LYDIA, Facebook Live guest

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