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Chicago Movie Tours Turns 2!

Thank you for supporting Chicago Movie Tours. Here’s to many more!

Two years ago today — on April 1, 2020 — I sat on my back porch with my dog Oliver. I made this 2-minute video introducing myself and Chicago Movie Tours.

Then, I uploaded that video to YouTube and hoped for the best.

Little did I know the COVID-19 pandemic would last nearly 2 years and that it would keep me from running the in-person tours I had so carefully researched and planned for you.

But we pulled through — with the help of virtual tours, Zoom programs, and even in-depth online courses! And I'm happy to say that as of this writing, more than 21,000 movie fans follow my small Chicago-based tour business across social media.

What follows is a quick video that recaps the day I introduced myself and Chicago Movie Tours.

The video also thanks you for following, engaging with, and supporting Chicago Movie Tours over the last 2 years!

Here’s to many more. 🥂


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