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Oscar Winners from Chicago: Excerpt

Celebrate Oscar winners from Chicago and other areas of Illinois

Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting

In this excerpt from Oscar Winners in Chicago (25 min.)—our fourth program counting down to the 2024 Academy Awards—learn about a game-changing figure in Hollywood for practical and special effects.

His innovation in creating environmentally friendly, biodegradable fake snow led to an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Advancement.

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Countdown to the Oscars 2024

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  2. The Oscar Statuette and Chicago: Hear about Chicago's connection to the world's most recognized trophy!

  3. Scandal and Controversy in Oscar History: Rehash some of the Oscars' most controversial and scandalous moments!

  4. Oscar Winners from Chicago: Celebrate Oscar winners from Chicago and other areas of Illinois

  5. What Is Oscar Bait? (And Why Is It Maestro?): As we countdown to the Oscars, let's answer the question "what is Oscar bait?"

Watch Excerpt: Oscar Winners from Chicago

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