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Singin' in the Rain and Chicago

Celebrate six Chicago actors and the Hollywood musical for which they are most remembered


Singin' in the Rain often ranks as the best film musical ever made—and, indeed, one of the best movies ever made. Set in 1927, the film tells the story of silent film stars as they navigate Hollywood's transition from the silent era to "talkies."

No, Singin' in the Rain was not filmed in Chicago, nor does it take place here. But at least six of the movie's cast members are from or have strong connections to the Windy City.

So on this virtual tour, which begins at a rain-inspired sculpture in Chicago, we will celebrate these six actors and the delightfully entertaining Hollywood musical for which they are remembered.


Watch Excerpt

This is an excerpt from our virtual tour Singin' in the Rain and Chicago. In the clip, Kelli introduces the virtual tour, which runs about 45 minutes total.

Watch Full Virtual Tour (45 min.)

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