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The Color of Money

The Color of Money is a 1986 film directed by Martin Scorsese. It serves as a sequel to the 1961 movie The Hustler. Starring Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, The Color of Money follows "Fast Eddie" Felson (Newman) and his protege, Vincent (Cruise), as they hustle their way to a nine-ball tournament.

In this low-angle shot, Vince is in the middle of a game of pool, showboating in front of a crowd. His name is stamped across his t-shirt, illustrating Cruise’s “big and bold” performance, as one reviewer puts it in 1986:

“Cruise knows how to make his props work for him — the silly 1950s pompadour, the shirt from the toy store he works at with “VINCE” in big block letters, the playful way he wields the pool cue. He’s not afraid to color Vince, to show you how he’s vain and impulsive and even a little stupid.” — Paul Attanasio, 21 October 1986

Several of Cruise’s pool scenes, like this one, were filmed inside Fitzgerald’s, a historic bar in Berwyn, IL, about 10 miles outside Chicago.

Watch the scene below, and then check out Fitzgerald’s The Color of Money memorabilia in this Facebook post.



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