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The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show (1972-1978) stars comedian Bob Newhart as psychologist Bob Hartley, whose interactions with his wife, friends, patients, and colleagues spark humorous situations and witty dialogue, all filmed before a live audience.

In the series, recurring jokes are often derived from Newhart’s stand-up comedy routines, particularly his one-sided telephone conversations. The show's opening credits—which you can watch below—pay homage to this comedic signature as they begin with Bob’s answering the phone with a simple "Hello?"

Today’s screenshot shows you an extreme-long, low-angle shot of Newhart’s character passing by several landmark Chicago buildings. 

Here, Newhart's Bob Hartley is leaving his psychiatry practice for his commute home—which many have (rightly) described as bizarre. After all, if you were actually taking this route in Chicago, you'd be walking 7+ miles every day!

Again, The Bob Newhart Show aired from 1972-78. But as you can see from these headlines, Chicagoans today are still perplexed by the out-of-the-way path Newhart’s character takes to get home:



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