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The Bear

This screenshot comes from The Bear (FX), the episode "Forks" (2.7). It reinforces the series' theme that time is precious and hesitation has consequences.

Clocks, calendars, and time dominate The Bear, which is shot entirely in Chicago. 

In the show's pilot, a wall clock is literally shown 4 times in 3 seconds. In this episode, "Forks," digital clocks, sitting on bedside tables and hanging on glazed tiled walls, constantly fill the frame.

In season 2 in general, The Bear's characters are always up against time, scrambling to open a new restaurant in 12 weeks. They must complete renovations, secure and train staff, and complete a menu. They must also get appropriate permits, which the tense 10-second countdown of the fire suppression test reminds us.

In The Bear, every second does indeed count.



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