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Straight Talk

This is a high-angle, medium-long shot of a woman balancing on a bridge as she tries desperately to grab a $20 bill before it blows into the water below.

  • The Woman: Dolly Parton

  • The Bridge: Chicago’s Wabash Ave. 

  • The Movie: Straight Talk

In the 1992 romantic comedy Straight Talk, Dolly Parton plays a dance instructor who gets fired from her small-town job for giving advice to her clients rather than teaching them dance. After she loses her position, she moves to the big city, Chicago, where she find work as a switchboard operator for a radio station.

Ultimately, Parton’s character is mistaken for the radio station's new call-in therapist and, as is the case in most rom-coms, chaos (and romance) ensue.

Straight Talk filmed on location in Chicago and the suburb of Lemont, including this stunt on the Wabash Ave bridge. Watch the full scene below.



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