Contagion and Chicago

1 hr

From $200

Learn about Chicago-area locations from the pandemic horror movie 'Contagion'



Go on location with us, and discover why Chicago serves as the perfect setting for the pandemic horror movie Contagion (2011).

Experience four Chicago-area locations used in Contagion via exclusive HD video footage, and see 3D views of other film destinations courtesy of Google Maps.

Hear backstories on Contagion's Chicago-based production, and learn eerie ways the COVID-19 pandemic mirrors the making of the film.

Finally, get an overview of Contagion's narrative and status as a horror movie, and discover how various forms of coldness—i.e., freezing temps, viral infections, ruthless behavior—suits Contagion's storyline and director.


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What's Included

Chicago Movie Tours' virtual and in-person programs incorporate the following to bring the subject matter to life:

• HD video
• Photos
• Clips and screenshots
• Maps
• Newspapers
• Movie fan magazines
• Animated slideshows
• Expert commentary...and more