Chicago and Movies in Prison

Explore a suburban Chicago prison used in movies and TV shows

Old Joliet Prison

2 hrs

25 Guests




Located about 30 miles outside Chicago, Old Joliet Prison has served for years as an Illinois state penitentiary and a movie set. Learn more about the prison's double histories on this two-hour (mostly) outdoor walking tour.

On the 1.25-mile guided walking tour with Chicago Movie Tours, wander through the former correctional center's barbed-wire gates and imposing 19th-century fortress-style walls. While inside, experience firsthand the prison's sally ports, cellblocks, chapel, cafeteria, yard, and solitary confinement.

Finally, take a seat in the darkened gymnasium to hear about Hollywood's century-long relationship with Old Joliet Prison, including cinema's role in Illinois prison reform.

Movies/TV Series Featured: Ghost Adventures (2019), Empire (2015-20), Public Enemies (2009), Let's Go to Prison (2006), Prison Break (2005-09), The Blues Brothers (1980), White Heat (1949)