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Quincy Jones and Chicago in 60 Seconds

Learn about the "rough and scary" childhood of film producer Quincy Jones and a Chicago mural that celebrated him

close-up of a mural

Quincy Jones was born in Chicago in 1933. He describes his childhood as "rough and scary"—and he has the scars to prove it. Literally, on his right hand and left temple, scars he received by crossing over into the “wrong neighborhood,” as he puts it.

At age 7, Quincy Jones and his brother also watched in horror as their mother was taken away from them in a straightjacket, where she was admitted to Manteno State Mental Hospital in Kankakee, IL.

While the award-winning composer and film producer clearly had a difficult childhood here in Chicago, he also credits those early years for "all he has done in his life." Arranging music, making records, composing soundtracks, and producing movies.

close-up of a mural
Close-up of Chicago's Quincy Jones mural, Logan Square, 2019-2023.

Today in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, you can visit Quincy Jones’ childhood home.

And if you were in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood from July 2019 to August 2023, you likely didn't miss the massive mural that featured Jones' likeness. (That mural was painted over in the summer of 2023 with one that celebrates Chicago sports teams.)

Discover more about these locations and Jones’ relationship to Chicago and film on our full 24-minute virtual tour Quincy Jones' Chicago.

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