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Does Harrison Ford's "Beard Work" in The Fugitive Work?⁣

The movie studio didn't want it, but Harrison Ford had other plans for his beard.

Warner Bros. was not happy Harrison Ford insisted on donning a beard to play Dr. Richard Kimble inThe Fugitive, the action-thriller partially filmed in Chicago.

Says Ford, the studio "paid for the face they wanted to see, so they were very concerned about that."⁣

But according to an interview from Los Angeles Daily News (29 Aug. 1993), Ford had two reasons for keeping the beard: ⁣

First, Kimble had "little time between the escape and the end of the movie to meet the obligation of disguise." Shaving off a beard would easily change his appearance, Ford believed.⁣

Second, the beard sets up Kimble as "slightly idiosyncratic, a character a bit outside the medical establishment, which comes to play later on in the story."⁣

Does Ford's beard here work for you?

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