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Chicago's First Ferris Wheel and Film: A Reading List

Enjoy our list of carefully curated sources about Chicago's 1893 Ferris wheel and movies.

Our virtual tour Chicago's First Ferris Wheel in Film (36 min.) offers you a significant amount of information about the World's Columbian Exposition, the Midway Plaisance, and the 264-foot-tall Ferris wheel that captivated the attention of the Fair's visitors.

To make all of this content manageable for you, we divided the tour into four sections:

  1. Beginnings

  2. At the Fair

  3. Riding the Wheel

  4. After the Fair

Watch a sneak preview:

If you'd like to read further about the Ferris wheel or about other World's Fair and movie connections mentioned in Chicago's First Ferris Wheel in Film (36 min.), then you'll likely enjoy the sources linked below.

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