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Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain Goes Noir

See Buckingham Fountain in a 1949 film noir called Undertow

You have probably seen Chicago's Buckingham Fountain in the opening credits of the TV series Married with Children (1987-1997). And you have likely seen it briefly onscreen in the animal comedy National Lampoon's Vacation (1983).

Buckingham Fountain also appears — in all of its massive flowing glory — in a lesser-known movie called Undertow.

Undertow is a 1949 film noir. It tells the story of a former Chicago mobster/ex-con who is framed for murder and must clear his name before police catch him. Notably, Undertow marks the first film credit for Rock Hudson, who hails from Chicago's suburb Winnetka.

In the video below, check out Buckingham Fountain as a romantic backdrop in Undertow.

Other well-known Chicago locations shown in the 1949 film noir include:

  • Midway Airport

  • Palmer House Hotel

  • Shedd Aquarium

  • Adler Planetarium

  • Merchandise Mart

Have you visited any of these sites while visiting Chicago or while taking a walking tour of the Windy City?


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