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Chicago Movie Trivia: Classic Hollywood Edition

Try your hand at 1 question about Chicago's movie history

In this series, Bite-Sized Chicago Movie Trivia, we locate a building, an object, or another type of structure in Chicago.

Then, with our trusty HD video camera, we zoom in on one section of the item until it is separate from the whole.

Next, we create a trivia question about the structure and its links to Chicago and movies. Clues are embedded in the question.

Finally, we'll give you the answer to the trivia question — with a fun visual explanation.

All of this happens in 60 seconds or less!

Ready to play?


Now that you know how to play Bite-Sized Chicago Movie Trivia, can you identify the above architectural element in Chicago? And its connection to classic Hollywood (c. 1930-1955)?

Click on the video below to play, and at the same time, take a quick virtual walking tour in Chicago!

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