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Altenheim Goes to the Movies

Tour Altenheim, originally built to care for German elderly and later, a setting for Chicago movies

19th-century building

Situated about 10 miles outside downtown Chicago in Forest Park, IL, the Altenheim was established in 1885 as a home to care for German elderly. Much later, it became a setting for the movies Harry and Tonto (1974), The Package (1989), and The Babe (1992).

Join Chicago Movie Tours on this virtual walking tour as you roam the exterior of The Altenheim and discover how the property is used onscreen in three very different ways.


Watch an Excerpt

This is an excerpt of Altenheim Goes to the Movies, our virtual program that invites you to tour a property originally built to care for German elderly but later used as a setting for three Chicago movies.

In the clip below, you'll learn about:

  1. The property's original and current acreage

  2. A 1974 road movie that showcases the exterior of Altenheim

Watch Full Virtual Tour (25 min.)

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