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The Package

The Package is a 1989 political thriller set during the Cold War. The U.S. and Soviet governments are on the verge of signing a nuclear disarmament treaty when a high-ranking U.S. General is assassinated. Gene Hackman’s character is blamed for the lack of security and, therefore, the general’s murder. As punishment, he is assigned to escort an Army sergeant (Tommy Lee Jones/Kevin Crowley) back to the U.S. for court martial.

The Package's opening was shot in Berlin, Germany. The rest was shot in and around Chicago. Locations here include Lake Forest Academy (as a German chalet), the Field Museum, the South Shore Country Club, Grant Park, O’Hare International Airport, and Chicago’s Union Station.

This medium-long shot of Tommy Lee Jones takes place on the historic oak benches in Chicago’s Union Station. His character is disguised as an Anglican priest and has just received a suitcase containing a sniper’s rifle. As the story’s villain, he will not use this weapon for good.

A native Texan, Jones fondly recalls his time shooting The Package in Chicago—and he even wears the clothing to prove it:

“I, my wife, and my little boy love Chicago. It’s a fine city, an all-American city. A considerable amount of history has been written there. It’s windy and cold in the wintertime, but we don’t worry about that — it’s hot and dry in Texas in the summer.” (The Sacramento Bee, Sept 1989)



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