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Somebody Somewhere

Somebody Somewhere is a 30-minute dramedy on HBO (Max) described as "distinctly Midwestern." That makes sense since the series takes place amidst cornfields, limestone houses, and abandoned strip malls. The Midwest setting is also reminiscent of the Kansas upbringing of the show’s star, comedian Bridget Everett, who plays Sam.

Despite its Kansas setting, Somebody Somewhere is actually filmed in suburban Chicago, primarily in Lockport, Warrenville, and Naperville.

In this screenshot, Sam's sister Tricia (Mary Catherine Garrison) and her best friend, Charity (Heidi Johanningmeier), stand outside the home decor and knickknacks shop they own, Tender Moments. 

Charmingly, the store’s name is a tribute to the actual band with which Bridget Everett performs, The Tender Moments.



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