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Horror Movies in Chicago: Child's Play and The Fury

Delve into the backstories, productions, and locations of Chicago-based horror films "The Fury" and "Child's Play"

About This Tour


Dive into the eerie world of Horror Movies in Chicago with a special focus on two iconic films: The Fury (1978) and Child's Play (1988). You'll also take a brief look at other Chicago-based horror flicks like Flatliners (1990), Candyman (1992, 2021), and Contagion (2011) to complete your spooky journey.

The Fury (1978), directed by Brian De Palma, is a supernatural thriller about a secret government agency experimenting on individuals with psychic abilities. In the first half of this program, you'll explore The Fury's chilling plot, production history, themes, characters, and representations of Chicago, with a special focus on a memorable sequence set in the indoor amusement park Old Chicago.

In Child's Play (1988), a single mother unknowingly buys a doll for her son that’s possessed by the soul of a serial killer. When the doll, Chucky, comes to life, chaos unfolds right here in Chicago! In the second half of this program, you'll delve into Child's Play's fascinating backstory, the real-life events that inspired it, and the twisted creativity of screenwriter Don Mancini. You'll also discover the production hurdles faced in bringing Chucky to life and (virtually) visit the historic Brewster Building, a key filming location that helped set the stage for this creepy tale.

Join us for a fun exploration of these two horror classics, and discover how Chicago's unique locations play a starring role!


What's Included

Chicago Movie Tours' virtual and in-person programs incorporate the following to bring the subject matter to life:

   •    HD video
   •    Photos
   •    Clips and screenshots
   •    Maps
   •    Newspapers
   •    Movie fan magazines
   •    Animated slideshows
   •    Expert commentary...and more

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