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Chicago and Film's First Black Kiss

Walk to the site of the studio that filmed cinema's first Black kiss

About This Tour


In 2018, the short film Something Good—Negro Kiss was added to the National Film Registry. In 2021, another version was discovered in Norway. Both versions of (presumably) the first onscreen kiss by an African American couple have been traced to a Chicago studio from 1898. 

On this virtual walking tour, learn more about the location of this studio as well as the rare footage and the two actors featured in it.

NOTE: You can book this HD video tour by itself, or if you need a longer program (60 min.), mix and match it with another 30-minute adventure. Easy as that!


What's Included

Chicago Movie Tours' virtual and in-person programs incorporate the following to bring the subject matter to life:

   •    HD video
   •    Photos
   •    Clips and screenshots
   •    Maps
   •    Newspapers
   •    Movie fan magazines
   •    Animated slideshows
   •    Expert commentary...and more

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