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America's Most Famous Diner, Chicago Style

Visit a Chicago mural that spoofs one of American art's most well-known paintings by inserting celebrity likenesses

About This Tour


Dive into the world of Edward Hopper's iconic painting Nighthawks on this unique virtual tour across Chicago locations. 

Since 1942, Nighthawks has captivated visitors at the Art Institute of Chicago, drawing people from around the globe to its portrayal of a 24-hour diner and its introspective patrons. 

Your journey begins with a leisurely stroll up Michigan Avenue, where you’ll uncover the history of the Art Institute and its renowned lions. You'll also pass by the Symphony Center, home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and explore Nighthawks' cameo in the classic 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The tour culminates with a virtual visit to a vibrant mural in Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood, a modern twist on Hopper’s work infused with local culture and movie references. 

Experience the allure of Nighthawks like never before, Chicago style!


What's Included

Chicago Movie Tours' virtual and in-person programs incorporate the following to bring the subject matter to life:

   •    HD video
   •    Photos
   •    Clips and screenshots
   •    Maps
   •    Newspapers
   •    Movie fan magazines
   •    Animated slideshows
   •    Expert commentary...and more

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