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Comedy in Chicago: The Marx Brothers and Bob Newhart

Learn about the Chicago connections of a few giants of American comedy

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This virtual tour begins with a leisurely walk to the Marx Brothers' Chicago home. There, you will learn about a subgenre of film called anarchic comedy. You'll also take a ride down a slice of historic Route 66 and see where the Marx family once owned a chicken farm. (Yes, really, a chicken farm.)

Then, we'll shift comedic gears to Bob Newhart. Newhart was born in the western suburbs of Chicago, and his sitcom The Bob Newhart Show (1972-78) was set here as well. In this section of the virtual tour, you'll visit 3 Chicago locations near and dear to the comedian and actor: his childhood home, his Oak Park apartment, and Navy Pier.

Join Chicago Movie Tours on this virtual walking tour—complete with HD video!—and rediscover the city through TV and film.


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Virtual Tour FAQs

How Do I Watch?

Unless listed otherwise, our virtual tours take place live on Facebook. Simply visit Chicago Movie Tours' Facebook Page at the scheduled time, and click PLAY on the live video.


(You do not need a Facebook account to watch live programs.)

Can I Get a Reminder?

Yes! If you'd like an email reminder, register here for the event at least 24 hours before it begins.

Can I Watch Later?

Virtual tours may not be available after their livestream. Because some of Chicago Movie Tours' virtual events include clips that may trigger social media censors, Facebook could remove the videos after the livestream, even though the material is considered fair use.


In short: it's a good idea to watch live.

How Do I Tip?

If you'd like to make a donation or tip, you may do so either 

Your generous tips and donations—which help to cover costs of livestreaming software, archive and research memberships, on-location travel for virtual tour video footage, and more—ensure Chicago Movie Tours can continue creating free and affordable in-person and virtual events.


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Virtual Tour FAQs

What's Included

Chicago Movie Tours' virtual tours incorporate the following, when applicable, to bring the subject matter to life:

  • HD video

  • High-quality photos

  • Expertly designed animated slideshows

  • Clips and screengrabs

  • Maps (to orient you as you "travel" with us)

  • Vintage newspaper articles and ads

  • Classic movie fan magazine excerpts

  • Well-researched commentary


Additionally, we always include opportunities for audience contribution.

What's Included

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