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While You Were Sleeping

This screenshot of a Christmasy Chicago "L" station is from the 1995 romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping

The movie follows a lonely Chicago transit worker named Lucy (Sandra Bullock) who pretends to be the fiancée of a comatose man (Peter Gallagher), only to find herself entangled in a web of misunderstandings with him and his family. 

(It's a cute movie, and it helped catapult Bullock into movie stardom!)

Today's #OneShotWed is an establishing shot. It shows us where Lucy works as a token collector and jumps onto the tracks to save the life of Gallagher's character. 

The scene was filmed at Chicago's Randolph/Wabash “L” station, but it is no longer there. Shortly after Randolph/Wabash closed in 2017, its replacement, Washington/Wabash, opened. You'll recognize the new station when you see its canopies intending to echo the waves of nearby Lake Michigan.



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