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Why join a Live Q&A session?

A live-streamed Q&A session is your golden ticket to sneak behind the scenes and get juicy details straight from the horse's mouth. So grab your lunch, and prepare for a front-row seat to a live show that's all about you and your curious mind!

Submitted Questions

I've noticed that, in addition to information about film and media, your tours also provide historical and architectural information (as well as many other subject areas I haven't identified). How many subject areas of information do you estimate that you actually draw on when preparing the tours that are so rich in information?

Peter Babiak

My notes from your Editing and Chaos in The Untouchables tour back in May are sketchy. Can you remind me what is meant by 'Mise-en-scene'? And perhaps provide some examples from films?

Todd Miller

What is your process for researching locations for new films and shows?


Do you do any live-streamed and/or in-person tours on Chicago’s North Shore?

Yaseen Fawzi

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?


Have you meet any famous celebrities?


What is your favorite and least favorite John Hughes movie and why?


How is Chicago's movie industry doing?

Jane Kimball

Any movies filmed in or near Starved Rock, Deer Park, or Buffalo Rock State Park?

Chicago Movie Fan

Which movie can you watch over and over again?


What made you pick your major on movies? Why did you choose the city of Chicago?


What is one question you would love to ask your boyfriend Gene Kelly if he was still around to answer it?


What film has made you cry?

Chicago Movie Fan

Have you met any famous people?


What's the highest-grossing movie filmed in Chicago?


How do you manage to present such a seamless live virtual tour? How many screens are you looking at, while showing pre-recorded walking videos, monitoring and responding to comments, and presenting all that information for us lucky viewers!?

Todd Miller

What are your five desert island movies? What would your five desert island movies shot in Chicago be?


What’s your opinion on reality TV?


Have you seen the new studios opening at the old Marshall Field's Building? Do you know if they are moving forward with an early 2024 opening even with the SAG strike?


How long does it take you to create the virtual tours?


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