Chicago's Midway and Movies

1 hr

Hear about the Midway's century-long relationship to the movies



On this outdoor walking tour, you'll hit five spots on Chicago's historic Midway Plaisance as you learn about their connections to early cinema and modern movies: 

At Midway Studios and Taft House, get acquainted with Lorado Taft: sculptor, teacher, writer, and early adopter of moving pictures. Then, in the presence of Recording Angel, see Hollywood's first female action movie star in motion. 

Next, on the Midway's green space, envision the first commercial movie theater. Finally, stand in awe of Fountain of Time, a 126-foot-long sculpture that has inspired both classic and modern filmmakers.

Join Chicago Movie Tours on the Midway, and discover the city's film history in an entirely new way!

Movies/TV series highlighted: Flatliners (1990), The Package (1989), Sunset Boulevard (1950), Chicago the Beautiful (1948), Sue (1915), The Hazards of Helen (1914–1917), The Horse in Motion (1880)


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What's Included

  • Expert tour guide commentary

  • Clips and vintage photos that enhance the Midway's film history

  • Demonstration of 19th-century moving picture devices

  • Plenty of Instagram opportunities

  • Free parking

  • Mini goodie bag!