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Kickstart your weekend with our 9:40 on Friday series!

This virtual series is exclusively for Chicago Movie Club members.

Meet us on Fridays, and deepen your knowledge of Chicago and movies!

When: Fridays 9:40 AM (CT) 
How long? 10-20 minutes
Where? Facebook Group

Topics change weekly.

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  • Can I upgrade to another plan?
    Currently, it is not possible to upgrade from one plan to another. However, you may cancel your existing plan and then subscribe to a new plan.
  • I'm a member. What now?
    Welcome aboard! Now that you're officially a member, Check out the Chicago Movie Club calendar. Register for the next virtual tour, program, or mini course. Try your hand at this week's One-Shot Wednesday. Sign up for a walking tour. Download the free mobile app: Spaces for iPhone or Spaces for Android.
  • Must I create an account to purchase a plan?
    To purchase plans and use their benefits, yes, you must create an account. At checkout, you'll be asked to create a secure account with Chicago Movie Tours. You may do this via an email address or your Google or Facebook account. Through your new account with Chicago Movie Tours, you will receive all discounts and goodies for which you signed up! Also, should you choose to use our mobile app for iPhone or for Android, your account will notify you of new posts, events, Bonus Features, etc.
  • How do I join the members-only Facebook group?
    After you sign up for a plan, you will receive an email with instructions to join the private Chicago Movie Club Facebook group.
  • Is your content mobile/tablet compatible?
    It sure is! And it includes a free mobile app called Spaces that you can download here: Download Spaces: iPhone Download Spaces: Android
  • Are my membership fees tax-deductable?
    No, they are not.
  • Can I pause my plan?
    Currently, it is not possible to pause and unpause (or resume) a membership plan. You may cancel your existing plan and then resubscribe when you are ready.
  • What if I have a question not listed here?
    Send an email to, and we'll respond within 24 hours!
  • How do I get a membership?
    Head over to our Chicago Movie Club membership page, and pick a plan (or a Chicago movie reference) that's right for you!
  • Can membership fees be refunded?
    Once paid, membership fees cannot be refunded. But you may cancel a membership plan at any time.
  • Why should I become a member?
    Chicago Movie Tours is unlike any other Chicago-area tour company in its content, expertise, and mission to help you discover Chicago through film. With that in mind, here are a few reasons you should join our club: You will discover something new about Chicago and film, guaranteed. Yes, guaranteed. You can tour Chicago from anywhere with our virtual tours, all filmed in HD. You will learn from a tour guide with 20+ years of experience teaching and researching the movies. You will save money. The Chicago Way and Sweet Home Chicago members receive monthly coupons for free walking tours. You can engage with a community of like-minded movie fans through the Chicago Movie Club.
  • When will my membership renew?
    All membership subscriptions automatically renew monthly. Your plan's renewal date is defined by the date you purchased the plan.
  • Who sees my info?
    Your account on Chicago Movie Tours is private. In the members section, you may manage your profile, update your personal details, and set notifications. Nobody else, including other site members, can see each other's private pages.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You may cancel your subscription through your personal My Memberships page: Log in to our site via the navigation bar above. Click your member profile. Click My Memberships in the drop-down menu. Click the More Actions arrow next to your plan. Click Cancel Subscription. Click Yes, Cancel to confirm.
  • Must I register for walking tours if I am a member?
    Yes, to secure your spot and receive important tour information via email, members need to register for all walking tours.
  • Can my friend get a discount on walking tours?
    Members in the Sweet Home Chicago plan receive 2 free walking tour coupons at the end of their monthly plan cycle: one for the member, one for a friend.
  • Can I book a private walking tour?
    Yes, absolutely! Head over to Private Tours and tell us more about which in-person walking tour you're interested in booking for yourself or your group. At this time, members do not receive discounts on private walking tours.
  • When do walking tours take place?
    Most of our walking tours take place on weekends, but a few may be offered during the week. Check out the Chicago Movie Club calendar to see which walking tour dates best fit your schedule.
  • How many guests are allowed on private tours?
    Private tours are intended for parties of 8 people or fewer. These options work nicely for families and small social groups. Exception: Provided the property and staffing are available, our tour Chicago and Movies in Old Joliet Prison may accommodate up to 25 people or more.
  • Do your private tours include a guide?
    Absolutely! All private (and customized or bespoke) Chicago movie tours include a knowledgeable guide who accompanies your group throughout the experience. In the case of our movie-themed walking tours in Chicago, your guide is Kelli, a seasoned expert with a teaching background and a Ph.D. focused on film studies. Kelli's extensive academic background and passion for cinema ensure that you'll receive in-depth insights into the movies filmed in Chicago, their historical context, and the behind-the-scenes stories that bring them to life.
  • What is the difference between a private and a customized or bespoke tour?
    The main difference between a private tour (of our existing walking tours) and a private bespoke tour is the level of customization. Private tours of our existing walking tours follow a set route and itinerary. These tours are ideal for travelers who prefer the convenience of a curated experience without the need for extensive customization. Private tours offer the exclusivity of a private group while still exploring popular attractions or themes. Customized or bespoke tours allow travelers to design a unique itinerary from scratch. A private bespoke tour is a fully customized and tailor-made experience crafted according to your specific interests, preferences, and requirements. Private bespoke tours are ideal for travelers seeking a truly one-of-a-kind and immersive experience tailored precisely to their interests and preferences! Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your preferred tour date for a bespoke tour.
  • How do I book a private tour?
    Book your private or custom walking tour by browsing scheduled private tours via the "Book Online Now" button. Or you may contact Kelli or complete this form.
  • Do you offer private tours by bus, van, or car?
    No, we only offer walking tours at this time.
  • How much do private tours cost?
    Private tour pricing starts around $250.
  • Do you offer private walking tours?
    Yes! All of Chicago Movie Tours' walking tours are available for private tours, provided properties and dates are available. Looking for a customized tour? Read about those below.
  • Will virtual events be recorded?
    Yes! Live virtual events will be recorded and available to all members.
  • What's the difference between a mini course and an online course?
    Mini courses last 10-45 minutes. They may be live or prerecorded. Online courses, when offered, may run from 1+ hour to several weeks. They may be live, prerecorded, or a mixture of both.
  • When do virtual events take place?
    At present, our virtual events take place on Tuesdays, beginning at 7:00 PM (CT). Our series "9:40 on Fridays" takes place at, well, 9:40 AM (CT) on Fridays.
  • Must I register for virtual events if I am a member?
    Yes, members need to register for virtual events if the event takes place on Zoom or YouTube. Most members-only events happen within the private Chicago Movie Club Facebook group.
  • How do I access a live virtual tour or event?
    Most members-only events happen within the private Chicago Movie Club Facebook group. Most public events happen on Chicago Movie Tours' Facebook page.
  • Do you offer any free virtual tours?
    We offer 1-2 free virtual events per month. All members will have access to the replay.
  • How much do virtual events cost for members?
    Chicago Movie Club members may attend all virtual events free. They may also access on-demand replays of all virtual events. We offer 1-2 free virtual events to the public per month. All members will have access to the replay.
  • How do I access replays of virtual events?
    Watch replays in Chicago Movie Club Facebook group or the Virtual Replays section of our website. Reminder: you must be signed in to watch on Chicago Movie Tours' website.
  • How do I log in?
    Click Log In on our navigation bar to access the screen like the one below. Log in with your email, or use your social media info.
  • How do I reset my password?
    You may reset your password by clicking on the Forgot password? link at the bottom of the Members Area login screen.
  • What if I need more technical assistance?
    If you have technical problems, please email or text 312-685-1190.
  • Where do I download the mobile app?
    You may access Chicago Movie Club on a free mobile app called Spaces: Download Spaces for iPhone Download Spaces for Android
  • Can I get notifications on the mobile app?
    Within the app, you may choose to receive notifications to be alerted of new activity: Click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Click Manage Notifications, and adjust accordingly.
  • How do I set up the mobile app?
    Follow these steps to set up your mobile app: Open Spaces. Tap the More Actions icon at the top right of your site list. Tap Join with invite code. Enter or paste GOH1FH under Got an Invite Code? Tap Join. Sign in to the mobile app via Google, Facebook, Apple, or your email address. Note: The mobile app is currently supported on Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Is Facebook the only place I can watch "9:40 on Fridays"?
    Yes, since 95% of our members and followers have Facebook accounts, it makes the most sense to livestream there.
  • How do I join the "9:40 on Fridays" series?
    Become a Chicago Movie Club member! At only $10/month, our Home Alone plan gets you exclusive access to all things virtual: Weekly virtual tours and events On-demand replays Access to members-only Facebook Group* Voting rights on upcoming video topics Access to One-Shot Wednesday archive Free mobile app Already a member? Visit the Chicago Movie Club Facebook group Fridays at 9:40 AM (CT), and click play on the live video. Simple as that!
  • Why start Friday events at 9:40 AM, not on the hour?
    We are technically starting on the hour (10:00 AM) since, as Carl from The Breakfast Club points out, "that clock is 20 minutes fast." Plus, saying "9:40 on Friday" is more fun. 😀
  • How do I join the members-only Facebook group?
    After you sign up as a member, you will receive an email with instructions to join the private Chicago Movie Club Facebook group.
  • If I miss this, can I watch a replay?
    Yes, replays are available to all members.
  • How do I get my member discount on walking tours?
    On the event page, click Register. Above the registration section, you'll see a box like this: If you are not already logged in, click "Log In" next to the "Get a membership" button. When you are logged in, a checkmark will be present next to your plan in the box. In the registration section under Quantity, add +1, and checkout. The price should zero out if you are logged in. That's it! Your membership discount is applied! NOTE: Walking tour discounts currently apply to The Chicago Way members only.
  • How much does an online class cost?
    Online courses with Chicago Movie Tours may vary in length and, thus, in price. For example, a 3-week course will cost less than a 5-week course. Check the Enroll Now section for the cost of this specific course.
  • How do I log in to my account?
    Find the login bar at either in the header or footer of Chicago Movie Tours, and sign in. You may log in through email or your Google or Facebook account.
  • Do I need a special account for this course?
    Yes, in order to access the course content, you will need an account. At checkout, you'll be asked to create an account with Chicago Movie Tours. You may do this through email or your Google or Facebook account.
  • What if I cannot make it to a live class?
    It's okay! You will have access to the recorded live sessions to watch at your leisure.
  • Will sessions be recorded?
    Yes, live class sessions will be recorded.
  • What are the technical requirements for an online course?
    Live online course sessions require a stable internet connection, access to Zoom, a PDF reader, and a web browser like Chrome or Safari.
  • Will classes meet at a specific time?
    Yes, live sessions for this course meet Sundays from roughly 4-4:45 PM (CT).
  • Does this course have a minimum enrollment?
    Yes. This course needs at least 10 students to make. In the event we must cancel because of low enrollment, we will notify you via email and then refund you in full.
  • What if I need technical assistance? (Copy)
    If you have technical problems, please email or text 312-685-1190. NOTE: if an online session has begun, we will likely not be able to respond to your issue. If possible, log in a bit early to avoid any technical problems. Thank you!
  • How will I know when new content is posted?
    When new content is posted, members automatically receive an email or a notification (if you have notifications set up).
  • What is the course cancellation and refund policy?
    When cancelling a registration for a course 5 days or more before the course start date, a full refund will be issued in the same form of payment the registration was received. No refunds are granted less than 5 days before the course start date. Request for cancellations must be submitted in writing to Chicago Movie Tours reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course due to unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event that we must cancel or postpone this course, your registration fee will be fully refunded.
  • Is this course mobile/tablet compatible?
    It sure is! And it includes a free mobile app called Spaces that you can download here: Download Spaces: iPhone Download Spaces: Android
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes! Get to know our services and content with a 7-day free trial of our Home Alone plan. When your free trial is over, your first billing period begins. You may cancel the Home Alone plan at any time. If you cancel during the trial period, you can continue to enjoy plan benefits until the free trial ends.
  • What methods will be used to teach my online course?
    To name a few: engaging slideshows, downloadable PDFs, polls, discussion boards, whiteboards, and interactive chat rooms.
  • How do I access the course materials?
    Course materials will be accessible through the member account you create with Chicago Movie Tours. NOTE: After you enroll in the course, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your account and other class information. Keep an eye on your inbox!
  • How do I register?
    Easy! Scroll down the page to the Enroll Now section, and click Enroll. At checkout, you'll be asked to create an account with Chicago Movie Tours. You may do this through email or your Google or Facebook account.
  • How much time will I spend in the online classroom?
    Roughly 45 minutes/week.
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